We manufacture our Belgo Belts in Canada, Turkey and Czech Republic according to ISO and DIN quality norms.


Flat driving belts are also called as high output belts. These belts are divided into different types as here below :

GTI : Once it is required high-efficiency grades, we advise to be used our BELGO GTI belts which have good durability against abrasion and attrition.
They are used in rolling machines, reaping machines, stone cutting machines, etc.

GGT : BELGO GGT belts are mainly used in textile industry due to their features having abrasion and oil, dust and thermo resistant DG : This type of flat driving belts is mainly used in roller conveyors, paper and pulp industry as they stability properties.

DG HS : These are preferred when the application requires very high speed, which are mainly used in gluers and folders.

T-E : This type of our flat driving belts are used in small diameter band pulleys.

ST160, SS200 a SS 240 : They are used to replace the full leather belts.

UTI : This type of belts are used for the high loads. They are mainly applied in paper , flour mill industries.

UUI : They have the same materials as UTI properties. The only difference between them is that UTI is used for the multi and cross drive applications.

DG-E : These are used in tube-making machines and consist of elastomer film coating.


Farm Belts : Our Belgo farm belts have the features with reinforced fiber loaded compound together with special polyester against heavy loads. They are electrically conductive and resist to temperatures from -30 to +80 C°.

Power+ : This type of belts are also called as industrial wrapped v-belts for heavy loads.

Industrial Belts : They have extra long life, minimal elongation features and are suitable for small diameter pulley and high revolutions, powers. They resist the temperatures from -45 to +80 C°.

Variable Speed Belts : They consist of the high quality materials and have increased resistance to mineral oils and abrasion.


We manufacture our BELGO timing belts both in rubber and polyurethane.

Endless Polyurethane Timing Belts : Through its unique design, they do not need any maintenance and are used in high variety temperature differences and assist to transfer large forces in vacuum systems, food & textile industries, packaging machines and optical & medical equipment. The designations such as ; T2.5, T5, T10, AT5, AT10.

Timing Rubber Belts : This type of belts have the features of low elongation and high flexibility at the time of movement. The designations are T5, t10, XL, MXL, L,H, 3M,5M, 8M, 14M.


This type of belts are categorized according to their working surfaces such as; PVC, PU, G, SI, PA, SILON.

They are both anti-static, non-anti-static, resist against abrasion and high temperatures,grease and chemicals, burning according to the DIN 2210S and ISO340 standards. They could directly contact with food products according to the FDA and HACCP standards.They mainly used in agricultural and food processing operation and services.

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